All You Need to Know About Anti-Concurrent Cause Policy Language, Hurricane Katrina and Insurance Coverage Law

What is the sound of the internet clapping? Who knows. A healthy round of applause is due, though, for prominent insurance coverage blogger David Rossmiller, who has spent the last several months on his blog -aptly named the Insurance Coverage Law Blog - detailing and dissecting the insurance coverage disputes arising in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Really, probably no one has covered that aspect of the disaster more thoroughly and consistently, in any media. Appleman on Insurance has now just published his 42 page treatise on the history and application of the anti-concurrent cause language in insurance policies, with a focus on its application to losses arising from Hurricane Katrina. David has now posted the article on his blog, right here.

David, incidentally, somehow manages to practice as a partner in a Portland firm, post to his blog every single work day (even on vacation), and still write scholarly articles like this one. Either he doesn’t sleep, or the three hour time difference between where he is - Oregon - and where I am -Boston - somehow gives him a 27 hour day.
Written By:David Rossmiller On September 14, 2007 11:58 AM

Steve, thanks for the link. As for the time, when I was in high school I never would have dreamed I would find insurance causation theory fascinating at all, much less to the extent I would willingly spend my free time on it, but life is full of strange twists and turns -- I just became convinced there was a lot of error out there in causation analysis and I wanted to correct it. As for blogging, for me, it's about the freedom -- unfiltered contact with people, ability to write what I want, meet lots of really interesting people. By the way, congratulations to you for being included in the "top blogs" section of the new Lexis insurance blog page.