The Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation Blog is intended to provide you, the reader, with timely and useful information concerning current legal developments in two of my litigation specialties – and favorite topics – ERISA and insurance coverage. This blog will generally look first at and cite to the law of the First Circuit and Massachusetts, but will also note significant cases from other jurisdictions as well. My goal for this blog is twofold: first, to inform you about recent and interesting cases in these fields; and, second, to provide you with thoughtful commentary about interesting issues in these fields.
It is my hope that my experience in litigating cases in these two (and other) fields will allow me to put some of the issues framed by recent decisions or discussed in other sources in a useful context, allowing you, the reader, to increase your expertise in these areas. I welcome any reader feedback that will allow me to accomplish this blog’s objectives more effectively or more efficiently, or that will otherwise help me to make this blog useful to you, whatever your level of expertise or interest in these fields. You may contact me at