I have talked before about the depressing topic of the termination of retirement benefits, and the role of ERISA in that scenario. As almost no one failed to notice, the Senate just passed the Pension Protection Act of 2006, which makes “significant changes to practically every retirement plan,” as Jerry Kalish notes. I am fond of the detail on this statute provided by Jerry, and also here by B. Janell Grenier, who quickly recognized that “[t]he 907-page Pension Protection Act of 2006 passed last week by Congress is sure to keep benefits lawyers busy for years to come.” I highly recommend both blogs for details on the statute.
And as if to provide a nice counterpoint on the question of whether the statute is needed, the New York Times reminds us yet again today of the precariousness of pensions and the entire pension system, in this timely and darkly entertaining article. Of course, there is another way, separate from relying on new legislation and other legal remedies, to protect oneself against the loss of pension benefits in retirement, as these people clearly know.