Well, this is interesting. Here is a forthcoming law review article from Ed Zelinsky of Cardozo on the Maryland Fair Share Act, Wal-Mart and preemption, issues I talked about here and here. As the abstract shows, the professor concludes that a federal district court correctly held that Maryland’s statute targeting Wal-Mart’s health insurance program was preempted. I like this article, maybe because, in far more pages and after far more study, he reaches the same conclusion that I reached in a short period of time and by means of only a few relatively short posts (see this one for instance). To be fair though, there is also a lot more contained in his article than could be captured in the context of a blog, all of which simply reflects that each of these forums for discussing legal issues has it own strengths and weaknesses.
And if it seems like I am on a bit of a law review article kick these days, its because the Workplace Prof Blog, to which I subscribe, dumps links to the latest relevant law review articles into my email on a daily basis.