Information, and the ability to manage it in ever more clever and analytical ways, is fundamentally changing industry after industry. This article details the impact that ever more sophisticated management of ever more extensive information is currently having, and will in the future have, on the insurance industry. The conclusion? Those insurers that can best collect and break down massive amounts of historical data in ways that will allow them to exploit the industry’s most profitable nooks and crannies will come to dominate the market, and those that can’t, well, those companies are dinosaurs but just don’t know it yet.

I’m not a stock picker, and I don’t even play one on a plasma TV, but want my guess as to where to make a lot of money? Figure out what insurance companies are going to be able to master the new data focused world and can finance the type of sophisticated quantitative analysis this brave new world requires, and then buy and hold their stocks for the next decade or so.