When I posted my interview with veteran insurance executive Robert Kingsley a couple weeks ago, on the subjects of insurance industry consolidation and what insurers think about the lawyers they hire, I failed to mention that, in addition to his years in the industry, Rob is also the founder of the Anne B. Kingsley Ovarian Cancer Foundation, something which I probably should have included when I profiled him in the post. I was reminded of this when I received the foundation’s recent mailing announcing that the foundation, though young, had already made its first significant research grant.

I am a big supporter of the foundation, not least because Rob’s long record of success suggests to me that the foundation is likely to be a success as well. I would encourage you to take a look at the foundation’s website, and to pitch in with a contribution. I can assure you, its not a foundation where the donations will go to waste.

And that, I suppose, should satisfy the FCC requirement that all bloggers publish the required amount of public service posts. That’s a joke – if it went right by you, go down the hall and ask the communications lawyers at your firm to explain it.