Rising home insurance costs in beachfront areas is a trendy topic, and the Boston Globe weighed in on it yesterday, in this article discussing consumers on Cape Cod joining together to question the industry’s rate setting. The article’s lead (or lede, as I have learned from former newspaper reporter turned lawyer and blogger David Rossmiller) frames the topic of the article, pointing out that “a growing army of homeowners have watched as home insurers have left Cape Cod and remaining companies insist they must raise rates because of hurricane fears.” For those of you who are more interested in the substance of the criticisms across the country of rate setting and market departures by homeowners insurers in response to hurricane projections than in the joining together on the Cape of consumers to challenge it, David Rossmiller at the Insurance Coverage Blog has been covering this issue in great detail, with a focus on Florida and the Hurricane Katrina affected regions. That’s the place to go for more on this issue.