Here’s an article on today, out of the Recorder, on whether San Francisco’s version of a pay or play law mandating certain health care payments by businesses in the interest of bringing about the holy grail of universal health care coverage can survive ERISA preemption. The article points out, similar to what I discussed here, that federal courts have struck down similar laws in New York and Maryland. Based on the description of the San Francisco act in the article, I can’t say it sounds sufficiently different from the laws struck down in those cases that I would give it much chance of surviving a preemption challenge, with one caveat, that the Ninth Circuit, as it recently did with regard to the standard of review of benefit denial cases under ERISA, may be willing to shift the parameters of the law in this area. If it does, you will see the issue before the Supreme Court, as it is likely to create a direct conflict with the Fourth Circuit’s findings in Fielder, and on an issue – state regulation of employer provided health benefits – that is at play in more and more states every day.