No one is quicker to post about decisions out of the First Circuit than Appellate Law & Practice, who quickly had this post up on Friday about the First Circuit’s opinion issued that day in a long term disability benefits case where the plan and the administrator prevailed at the District Court, and then again before the First Circuit.  I represented the prevailing parties before both the District Court and the First Circuit in that one.

Appellate Law & Practice focused in its post on some of the issues addressed by the First Circuit that apply across the board to other types of litigation, and not so much on the issues specific to ERISA that were addressed by the First Circuit in its opinion.  There are some points about that opinion that are specific to ERISA cases, and should be of interest to those who practice in this area.  Sometime in the next couple of days, I will return to the opinion and discuss those issues, from the perspective of the lawyer – me – who briefed and argued them.  For now, here is the opinion itself.