I wanted to pass this along while the electronic brochure was still (fairly) hot off the metaphorical presses and cooling off in my in-box. Here’s the information for West Legalworks’ 20th Annual ERISA Litigation Conference, held in, well, probably the three best places you could pick: Florida in February, and California and New York City in the fall.

On a more analytical note, what really jumped out at me is the conference’s focus this year on what the marketing materials describe as “ the continuing lessons from the post-Enron wave of litigation over employer stock investments in 401(k) and ESOP plans and . . . the current wave of decisions addressing whether former employees who withdrew their plan balances before bringing suit have standing,” as well as on the “impact of procedural violations of the claims and appeal regulations [and] [t]he recent crop of preemption cases,” all topics that have been discussed extensively over the past year here on this blog.