Some years back, I was on a job interview when I was asked a question by a senior partner in a fairly good sized firm. When I began my answer with the comment that I was loathe to brag, he interrupted me to say that it was a job interview, so if there was ever a time when it was appropriate to brag, it was then. Not bad advice, in hindsight. In much the same way and with the same sort of license, I thought I would mention that this blog has been included by the people at LexisNexis on its list of top blogs at its Insurance Law Center, which I can recommend to you as a good place to locate cases, commentary and timely information on insurance related issues. I am told that “the selection of [the Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation] blog was made by insurance editors at Matthew Bender and LexisNexis Mealey’s Insurance publications as one that can be relied upon to provide its readers with timely review and analysis on insurance and insurance related topics.” Well, we try to, anyways.

Either way, modesty – false or not – aside, I appreciate the recognition, and hope the readers of this blog find some more of the information they are looking for at the LexisNexis insurance law center.