The media is ablaze with discussion of this whole Dickie Scruggs indictment/bribery circus. I don’t expect I am going to have much to say about it – ever -on this blog; not to put on airs, but although insurance is in the title of this blog, I try to focus the subject matter on substantive insurance issues, and I don’t think this qualifies. But like most people, I can’t take my eyes off a good car wreck either, and like many lawyers, I am fascinated by the story. Bribe a judge? And not only that, but to get him to send something to arbitration? Excuse me? But really, the only thing I wanted to say was that for those of you who are interested in this very interesting event, far and away the best, most thorough, most nuanced and most objective coverage anywhere is by David Rossmiller on his blog, Insurance Coverage Law. You can tell from his coverage that David was a professional journalist before becoming a lawyer before becoming a blogger. This story is right in his wheelhouse – it’s a breaking journalistic story (much more than it is a legal story), that calls for an in-depth knowledge of something David has been following closely on his blog for a long time, the Hurricane Katrina insurance coverage litigation.