What happens when journalists, Sam Zell, ERISA and employee stock ownership plans collide? Well, at a minimum, you get a really interesting and well written complaint alleging breach of fiduciary duty under ERISA. Here is the WSJ Law Blog post on this, and thanks to the post, here is the complaint itself. A couple of brief thoughts off the top of my head. First, this case fits in nicely with the trend that I have discussed in the past on this blog, which concerns the replacement of the securities laws with ERISA as the preferred means of attacking large scale corporate transactions. Second, like most such complaints filed as potential class actions, the complaint tells a wonderful story. As a litigator, I often wonder who is the target audience for these types of dramatically written pleadings, as a jury will never see them (not that any cases like this ever reach trial or, if they do, before a jury) and I am hard pressed to think that judges pay much attention to them when it comes time to consider the merits of a case. And third, if there is any fire behind the smoke that makes up the complaint’s allegations, then it will be an interesting case to follow as it proceeds along.