Kevin O’Keefe, the lawyer turned blogging evangelist behind the company that hosts this blog, told me when I was picking a topic for my blog that I should choose a subject where there was plentiful source material to work from on a day in, day out basis. They were oddly prophetic words, in that not too long after launching the blog, fiduciary litigation and concerns exploded, generating a seemingly endless stream of cases and business developments to blog about. Excessive fees, company stock declines, subprime meltdowns, the rise of ERISA as the new securities class actions – all of these issues that I have covered extensively here really exploded after the launch of this blog.

There is so much information and activity going on out there now in this area that it is always good to have other bloggers, the more knowledgeable the better, likewise chiming in on developments in this area, and few are more knowledgeable than long time ERISA blogger B. Janell Grenier, who has just launched a separate blog dedicated to developments concerning the law governing fiduciary status titled the ERISA Fiduciary Guidebook (A Work in Progress). Her new blog captured, for instance, a recent Massachusetts federal court decision that I didn’t cover, involving some of the issues raised by an employer who becomes delinquent in making plan contributions.