Here at this blog, we are all about being a modern media company, as you can tell from all the pop-ups and the banner ads you encounter when you come here to read the latest posts. Synergy, and book serialization and cross-marketing and all those other business page buzzwords – that’s what we’re about here.

Now I will take a minute and pull my tongue out of my cheek, and move onto one cross-marketing opportunity that I have agreed to, because it benefits the readers of this blog and involves what promises to be an outstanding educational opportunity. The American Conference Institute is hosting what looks to be a very broad and in-depth examination of current hot topics in ERISA litigation next October in New York, and this blog has signed on as a media sponsor. As per our continuing non-commercial status, no money in it for us, but it gives readers of this blog an opportunity for a substantial discount if they register in the next couple of weeks for the seminar. Just use my name and tell them I sent you. Just kidding – the actual information and manner of laying claim to the discount is right here.

The brochure for the conference itself can be found here. I signed on as a media sponsor for the same reason I think readers may be interested in the seminar, which is that the list of topics reads like a table of contents for the blog; thus, light dawned over Marblehead here and I realized if you read this blog regularly, you would probably be interested in the subjects being addressed at the conference. Beyond that, you will see the speaker list (here comes the pun) speaks for itself.