Well, just finished a trial, which has kept me from posting for a week or two, and I don’t have anything substantive to say about the topics of this blog today. I thought, though, that I would share a humorous anecdote told by a witness at my trial, who used it to illustrate a defendant’s habit of raising serial defenses, one after the other, and each less plausible than the one before:

Two farmers live next door to one another. One farmer has a cabbage, the other farmer has a goat. They wake up one morning, and the first farmer discovers that his cabbage has been eaten; he says to the other farmer, your goat eat my cabbage. The second farmer responds: “What cabbage? You never had a cabbage – and if you had one, it wasn’t eaten; if it was eaten, it wasn’t eaten by a goat; if it was eaten by a goat, it wasn’t eaten by my goat; and if it was eaten by my goat, he’s insane.”

Funny to me, anyway. The perfect illustration of pleading in the alternative.