There have been many nice benefits to writing this blog for several years, ranging from the fun of writing it to the pleasure of meeting others with similar interests. For me professionally, though, probably the most important benefit has been the constant flow across my desk of key court decisions, articles and thought pieces on developments in ERISA law, which has helped (and sometimes forced) me to stay constantly up to date on the latest developments in my area of expertise. However, that benefit has come with a complication, which is that the steady stream of information on ERISA that crosses my desk each day includes far more useful information and material than I could ever hope to discuss, and pass along, on this blog. This is particularly the case because I have never been willing to use this blog as a place simply to post other people’s work, but instead typically only post when I believe I have something independently useful to say about someone else’s article or blog post, or about a court decision, or the like.

This has meant, however, that for years, large amounts of quality work discussing ERISA issues has sat on my desk, reviewed only by me and not passed along, despite the value of much of that work. It has always bothered me when an article or decision worth passing along has come in front of me, but that I would not be able to discuss in a blog post, either because I was posting on a different issue, or because of the crush of my real job (which is litigating these and other types of disputes).

Eventually, though, light dawned on Marblehead, and I realized I could solve the problem by using Twitter for one of its originally expressed purposes, as a microblogging tool, and tweet articles, comments, decisions and the like that I believed to be of value, but which I did not expect to discuss in a full blown blog post. I have been doing so for awhile now, and have taken to regularly passing along relevant ERISA news that will not make it onto the blog. You can follow me, and my running list of interesting ERISA information, at @SDRosenbergEsq.