For those of you who have a professional or personal interest in the ACA, litigation arising from it and insurance coverage for litigation it is likely to spawn, I am speaking on a webinar this afternoon that covers those subjects. If you are interested in listening in (and/or amusing yourself by asking complex questions that will stump the panelists, which is how I amuse myself when I am in the audience),  the webinar, hosted by Strafford, is “Liability Insurance for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Maximizing Coverage Under Employee Benefits and Fiduciary Liability Policies – Securing Coverage for Civil Damages and Tax Assessments Arising From the ACA and Other Claims," and its at 1 pm this afternoon.  You can register here.

Sorry for the short notice, but I have been tied up with depositions and with trying to finish yesterday’s somewhat complex post on the intersection between Tibble and Shakespeare.