As many of you know, I have spoken at ACI’s ERISA Litigation Conferences over the years on topics as diverse as legal ethics in the context of ERISA litigation, ERISA remedies, discovery issues and fiduciary governance, among other topics. I have always been a fan, though, of the judicial panels at the conferences, where – much as the name suggests – panels of federal judges discuss topics of importance to ERISA litigators. I have never left one of those panels without useful information that I have promptly put to work. I will give you one example. Over the past few years, I have been litigating a case with significant issues concerning spoliation of electronically stored information, a topic which has been discussed extensively at the panels. One question I asked from the audience a couple of years ago on the topic led to further discussions after the panel, in the lobby of the hotel where the conference was staged, with a federal magistrate judge on the topic. All of that insight animated my strategy with regard to my spoliation case over the years.

Because I like those panels so much, I have been agitating with the conference organizers for years to give me the keys to one of the judicial panels, in the guise of being offered the opportunity to moderate the panel at an upcoming conference. My entreaties were finally heard, and I will be moderating the presentation by the judicial panel at ACI’s West Coast installment of its ERISA litigation conference in June.

You can find information on the conference here, but of perhaps even more value in the short run, you can also get a reduced rate for the conference, by calling ACI at 212-352-3220 ex. 5511 or emailing Joe Gallagher at ACI before the close of business on Tuesday March 29th and mentioning my name. Hope to see you there and, by all means, if you are a reader, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself.